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Irina Slepchenko, Svetlana Khanina, Markus Elgland

The album features nearly two hours of orchestral and ambient music, created by an international team. Comprised of 31 instrumental tracks, the soundtrack of DREAMERS transports players in its relaxed and exciting atmosphere and allows to to reflect after a tiring day and to travel with the protagonists of the game between different worlds and realities.

Release date: 2022


Markus Elgland, Alessandro Carpentiero, Filippo Lui, Kimmo Kuokkala, Luca Deriu

Five artists from around the world collaborated together to create the original scores of Abyssus, Kitty Scratch 1 & 2, Monsoon, Grayville, and qb video games. Published by PlaySys in 2021, this album collects some of the main tracks for you to enjoy.

Release date: 2021


Luca Deriu

An album about the darkness in music entirely composed and performed by the Italian producer and drummer Luca Deriu. Dark patterns and aggressive drumming progressions are the pillars of this solo project.

Release date: 2014


Luca Deriu

A mixture of harmonic patterns and disharmonic riffs, this experimental Eurodance/trance album will transport you in a deep dive inside the mind of his author.

Release date: 2010

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