Guidelines for using PlaySys registered trademarks

PlaySys®, Render Academy® and 3D Architettura® are the registered trademarks of PlaySys, Piazza Fratelli Bandiera 13, 20129 Milan, Italy, VAT: IT02205670207.
Throughout the site, the terms “we”, “us” and “our” refer to one or all PlaySys’ registered trademarks. Use of PlaySys trademarks is only allowed as provided in these guidelines or under separate written permission by PlaySys.

You may use PlaySys wordmarks that are not PlaySys logos but are the text-only typographic treatments of our brands’ names as “Playsys”, “PLAYSYS”, “PlaySys”, “PlaySYS”, “3D Architettura”, “3d Architettura”, “Render Academy”  in the reference to PlaySys services, tools,  products, and brands.

The use of PlaySys wordmarks is permitted in published, printed, and digital materials, such as but not limited to articles, reviews, interviews, video, and audio content, that describes activities, services, products, and tools of PlaySys and its registered brands 3D Architettura and Render Academy.

You may not in any way use PlaySys trademarks and wordmarks (or any wordmarks confusingly similar to PlaySys trademarks) for your business, your products, or your services, nor as any social media name or hashtag or as any part of any domain name. You may not use PlaySys trademarks and wordmarks in any way that may confuse our registered trademarks with anyone else’s, in a way that may discredit PlaySys, its brands, products, and activities, or in a way that may damage PlaySys reputation.

Any use of PlaySys wordmarks, not in the reference to PlaySys activities, services, and products is fraudulent and unlawful and considered a violation of PlaySys registered trademarks.

To use PlaySys registered trademarks (logos) you need to be our partner (“grantee”) and to have a separate agreement with us that permits you to use PlaySys, Render Academy, and 3D Architettura logos.

Any use of the PlaySys registered trademarks shall inure to the exclusive benefit of PlaySys and only in the manner approved by PlaySys. In connection with such use, the grantee shall comply with all trademark notices and other requirements to maintain the validity of the PlaySys trademarks’ registration and shall not make any use of the PlaySys trademarks that would misrepresent to the public that any other subject rather than PlaySys is the owner of such mark or the registration thereof.

PlaySys reserves the right to refuse to grant permission and to terminate any given permission to use PlaySys logo at any time.

The trademark notice as following “PlaySys® / 3D Architettura® / Render Academy® is a registered trademark of PlaySys” must accompany materials of any kind, including but not limited to digital and printed materials, that carry PlaySys registered trademarks.