A Hub designed

for videogame


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360° coaching

Once trained and graduated from various schools, aspiring game industry talents can feel confused about the future and the realization of their projects. PlaySys offers selected teams the support they need to finish and release their video game.

Co-working spaces

In the center of Milan, well served by numerous surface lines and two underground lines.

Legal and commercial support

Professional consultancy in defining your image, your brand and your tax position.

Marketing & Communications

Support in communication during the development phases and in the launch of your product.

Open for everybody

No architectural, linguistic, cultural or age barriers. Everyone is welcome.

PlaySys Hub

The idea behind this project is to welcome into our offices various micro teams that have not yet found their own way in the videogame market and need professional help to bring their product to life.


Technical help during the ideation phase and the definition of gameplay.


PlaySys Interaction Framework, motion capture tools, devkits and everything you need.


Support in the prototyping and testing and debugging phases behind "closed doors".


From idea to result in a comfortable and stimulating environment.

Develop your videogame in Milan

Architecture & Traditions

A world of visual inspiration and professionalism from the time of Leonardo Da Vinci to the skyscrapers of CityLife.

Art & Design

Design Week, Salone del Mobile, Fashion Week, Pinacoteca di Brera, Triennale - infinite ways and places to develop creativity.

Vibrant Lifestyle

The city of the timeless culture of the Milanese aperitif and successful networking. Today paying attention to the safety of oneself and the others.