Representing the third generation of entrepreneurs in his family and following the business tradition of his grandfather Cav. Egidio Benzi, founder of international enterprises with representative offices in 17 different countries, Luca Deriu combined his passion to videogames with a technological approach to 3d and started his professional way in the 3d community as early as in 1998.

Problem-solving abilities and customer-friendly attitude together with strong professional background allowed PlaySys to establish collaborations both in Italy and internationally. Since the first days of PlaySys, the key point of our business is the respect to customer requests and deadlines. Nothing is more satisfactory in our daily work than seeing a project taking shape and giving our customers the possibility to increase their business with our support.

In this individualistic time of freelancers, it is highly important for our company to work as a team involving motivated professionals, both as internal and external collaborators. We believe that increasing multicultural and international professional connections helps us to establish the stronger position on the market and to create business opportunities both for us and the others.




Even the virtual reality projects require a huge effort from real people who do what they love and love what they do.
Since 2007 PlaySys has internal and external collaborators from Italy, Germany, Russia, China, Taiwan, India, Lebanon, Canada and Finland.

Vivianne Amer (trainee)
Mike Bacchin
Chiara Barbagli
Andrea Benedetti
Chiara Benetti
Michele Blasilli
Monica Bollini
Mattia Borghetti
Lorenzo Cardile
Alessandro Carpentiero
Riccardo Casiccia
Sibi Chakaravarthi (trainee)
Tiziano Coroneo
Elisa Cristantielli
Pamela De Lorenzi
Paolo Della Bianca
Francesco Deriu
Luca Deriu (founder)
Marco Di Grande (trainee)
Markus Elgland
Riccardo Farella
Giorgia Foresta
Clémentine Francois (trainee)

Chen Fu Gao
Marco Furlanetto
Janina Aurora Harmaajärvi (trainee)
Yves Hohler
Palash Jain (trainee)
Sandra Järvinen (trainee)
Markku Kankaanniemi (trainee)
Elena Kartseva
Saija Ketola (trainee)
Esa Kurtti (trainee)
Filippo Lui
Sharon Manfredi (trainee)
Luca Marchetti
Alessia Marra
Emiliano Mazzoni
Gianni Melito
Silvia Meriggi
Sudharshana Reddy Mittapalli (trainee)
Lorenzo Montanari
Phuong Ngoc Nguyen
Ville Niemi (trainee)
Maurizio Nitti
Manuel Passoni

Valentina Oggioni
Andrea Peduzzi
Giulio Piana
Lorenzo Provinciali
Eduardo Rincón Martinez
Greta Rizzo
Nils Rossi
Nadim Saab (trainee)
Giuseppe Sammartino
Lin Shu Chan (trainee)
Linda Siltakoski (trainee)
Ekaterina Slepcheko
Alice Tagliapietra
Mona Anniina Taponen
Elisabetta Margareth Tarella
Lasse Uusitalo (trainee)
Beniamino Valentini
Andrea Visentin
Timoty Weis (trainee)
Katarina Winkler (trainee)
Filippo Zanoli
Bo Zhang (trainee)



We are always happy to establish new connections.

Whether you want us to take care of your project or to become a part of our team, just write us a message and introduce yourself.