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The interest of the founder of PlaySys, Luca Deriu, in the world of videogames got its beginning in 1985 when his parents were taking him to play Coin-ops games. The exploration continued and Luca developed a significant expertise with Atari 2600, Amiga 500, Game Gear, Super Nintendo, Game Boy, PlayStation, Game Cube, N64, X-Box 360 and PS4.

At the age of 18 he took a life changing decision to move also to the other side of the screen and become not only a passionate video game lover but also a pioneer developer and he started working on models and characters for his solo-project using the softwares, that were the most modern at that time: 3d Studio 2, Dark Basic and BlitzBasic 3D.

PlaySys was founded in 2007 with the idea of artistic indie-game development and the first prototype KNOSS was created one the year later. Currently the company has a constantly growing portfolio of videogames in various genres for mobile and other platforms developed in different years with Unigine, UDK, Unity and UE4.



qb is an exciting Virtual Reality gaming experience, developed as exclusive for Samsung Gear VR.
The goal of the game is to activate Defected Code Streamer Modules by throwing Data Cubes in them. The game has a built-in Store where you can spend your points to unlock upgrades and pass increasingly difficult levels.

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Kitty scratch

Kitty Scratch is a cute and funny 3d videogame for iOS and Android devices, specifically developed for families and kids of every age.

Game add-ons include an Augmented Reality App, an Oculus Rift DK2 experience and a growing community with comics and illustrations.

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Run and explore misterious borderless 3d city and protect your character from approaching zombies. Collect medikit and bullets to go as far as you can.

Don't be sad if zombies bite you too much because that is not the end. Choose your further destiny: paradise or hell, health or weapon.

the dreamers

The Dreamers is proudly not a next gen game and it doesn't use next gen graphics. We like to define the game as an avant-garde 3d game, aiming to be the first of a long series of pieces of arts capable to explore this genre. The Dreamers main goal is to be an interactive videogame manifest for avant-garde and explorative media.

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Enjoy this simple but elegant 2d game experience.

Help the flower to survive and fly through the endless environment generated in the casual manner. Collect different good leaves and avoid the dry ones for collecting points. Use the points to unlock the chapters of the emotional story.

steel hero

Steel Hero was created and developed by PlaySys exclusively for Museo Nazionale della Scienza e Della Tecnologia "L. Da Vinci", Milan. In 2013 the museum opened the new permanent exhibition area dedicated to steel production and made the interactive videogame experience part of it. Following the audible journey, one explores all the phases of the different steel production cycles and is able to compare time and resources necessary for two existing technologies. The 3d game has two levels both of which represent a path for spaceship travelling.

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