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Since 2008 PlaySys is involved in the wide range of editorial and publishing projects covering the subjects of technology, architecture and design. The company took part in bringing to the Italian market of international publications like 3D World Magazine and Seven Magazine working on the localization of the editorial content. PlaySys was a partner of another famous brand Fotografia Facile providing localization services and creation of original editorial content connected to the texts and images. At PlaySys we believe in delivering high-quality content required by our readers.

In the ongoing cooperation of PlaySys with Gruppo Orange, Sprea and Future Plc makes it possible to deliver Italian-localized video tutorials on the subjects of photography and post production for the monthly printed editions of Professional Photoshop and Digital Camera World.

During 2011-2012 PlaySys has put on the market six issues of My Muse Mag, the artistically printed edition for dolls' collectors, providing exclusive visual and story content. The publication is still available online through download.

The success of 3ds Max Architettura e Design manual written by PlaySys owner and founder Luca Deriu and published by Hoepli in 2009 led to the second edition of this book in 2012 (also pubished by Hoepli) and to V-Ray e Progettazione 3D, written by Luca Deriu in 2013 and published by EPC Editore.

The company had build its reputation in the world of computer graphics and in 2012 launched it's own multi-language non-periodical publication, 3D Architettura, with the goal to create an international online community for  arch-viz professionals.

3d architettura

3D Architettura® is an international non-periodical publication about 3d, CG, architecture and design started in 2012 with idea to create a professional community for arch viz artists from all around the world.

3D Architettura publishes the 3d projects of well known professionals and the interviews to their authors to demonstrate the behind the scenes of their work, discuss the technical, creative and business problems and possible approaches to their solutions and spread information about modern capabilities of computer graphic and rendering.

In addition to the stories of personal success, 3D Architettura provides up to date information on the subjects relative to CG and tools for digital architecture. Every week on the website and on the social media platforms 3D Architettura welcomes more than 10.000 readers passionate about the world of architectural visualizations from about 150 different countries in Europe, America, Asia and Africa.

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