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PlaySys is a multidisciplinary studio that brings experience working in education and research in the field of innovative technologies for three dimensional, realtime and offline graphics and their implementation in the modern era businesses. In the rush to embrace the digital world, one risks to forget that real people and not the machines are the end-users. In 2007 the research department at PlaySys first started as personal

collaboration of Luca Deriu with different universities both in Italy and abroad. Adaptive learning technique became a strong point in approach to each course creation, considering both professional market requirements and students' individual needs. In addition to university and professional high-school lectures and workshops, custom-made workplace education programmes and on job-training, PlaySys provides wide

e-learning online lecturing possibilities that evolve to keep pace with students' changing learning habits.

Beyond the standard educational technologies PlaySys actively invests in the innovative research on the interactive digital media and augmented reality, establishing strong partnerships with major software development corporations, public institutions and professional conferences.

real ies

Real IES is the stand alone software developed in 2015 for photometric file creation.

With our tool you can create your custom *.ies file easily and in few clicks: see the preview, change the parameters, and it's done.

Real IES generates IES type-C files compatible with a wide range of 3D rendering software, both offline and realtime such as 3ds Max, V-Ray, Unreal Engine, KeyShot, Corona Renderer, Maxwell Render and many more.

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render academy

Render Academy® is an online learning school that provides education in 3d computer graphics. Users can freely choose a course program that fits their education necessities.

All courses are created by well known professionals from different countries that demonstrate different approach, pipeline and workflow.

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videogames lab

Videogames Lab is the educational professional group with the goal to immerge high-school students into the game culture. Videogames Lab offers custom-made courses and workshops that allow students to develop and build prototypes of their videogames. The methodological approach sharpens the students’ logic, teaches to work in a team, strengthens organizational and planning skills and creates an artistic and technological educational environment to focus on one of the most important contemporary interactive media.

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