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Since its first days in 2007, PlaySys saw a high priority in delivering creative digital products for advertising. Based on the experience of Luca Deriu, who was one the pioneers of computer graphic in Italy and started his professional way in this field as early as in 1998 with 3d Studio 2, the company evolved its services from static pre-rendered images for architecture, interior and product design to dynamic and real-time animations.

Creative team of 2d and 3d artists, designers, programmers and video-editors not only generates most innovative ideas, but also ensures their correct technical implementation in accordance to each client's individual business necessities: internet commercials and TV-spots, presentations for the launch of the new products, animated portfolio and video catalogues, interactive and augmented reality applications.


Visionary animated digital media in various genres and stylistic, from artistic cartoon to photo realistic walk-through, created and developed by PlaySys since 2007 have met the most demanding requirements of many satisfied customers of different type and size - from family-run agencies in Italy to huge multinational corporations, from interior design and event planning to automotive and hi-tech.

VIRTUAL reality

Modern technologies like responsive camera and image processing mobile GPU allows to visualize digital content over a reality scanned image. Using the standard customers' catalogue, PlaySys offers an enriched user experience and creative demonstration of products and services with augmented reality and virtual reality applications.

3d animation

Photorealistic and cartoon-style animated videos are one of the most popular way to advertise wide variety of products. PlaySys creative and technological approach to 3d animation allows it's customers to benefit of AAA visual effects even for short commercials.

realtime walktrough

Once pure entertainment technology, Virtual Reality offers nowadays the best modern method to experience, walk and be emerged in digital environments. With the use of Oculus Rift, Samsung, Sony and other VR devices and interactive tools, PlaySys develops custom 3d software that extends our customers' presence on the market.

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